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On behalf of my wife, children and in-laws, I do indeed thank everyone who communicated their public and private condolences to my family during this time of loss. I learned a long time ago that people do not have to be nice, kind and considerate. Random acts of kindness occur far too infrequently in our society. Many of us are veteran funeral attendees. Bishop AJ Richardson is often quoted as saying that every funeral you attend is your own dress rehersal (an interesting existential observation to say the least). During the funeral, I was particularly moved by an elderly lady (80+) who appeared to have difficulty in walking yet she was determined to shake the hand of every family member on the front row during the viewing of the deceased. Now I confess I did not know her personally (she is a friend of my mother-in-law) but I was struck by her remarks, which she uttered aloud for those willing to hear, that her infrimities would not hinder her participation in the funeral. As she extended her frail and somewhat feeble hand in my direction to shake I could only think about a brief homily Vernon Byrd, Jr. provided this BB several years ago about how Jesus marveled at the faith displayed by the widow whose faith was measured not according to some ritualistic rule but by the enormity of her contribution (two mites). God is Good and He is indeed worthy of ALL PRAISE! QED

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2003

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