History of a snooker/pool table company located in San Francisco during the Art Deco Period

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I am interested in the history of a company located in the San Francisco area and also in Chicago. The company was called Chas Passow & Sons and they made snooker tables and possibly pool tables. I have an Art Deco snooker table they made and would like to find out more about the company. Thank you

-- Claudia Miller (cacm1951@a0l.c0m), August 05, 2003


I have a wonderful pool table that has Chas. Passow & Sons manufacturers Chicago, USA in gold lettering at one end. The other end of the table has a label that notes it was made by The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiner of America.

If you find out more about the company, let me know.

-- Jeff Naggs (jnaggs@yahoo.com), August 23, 2003.

look here


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-- Muqaabil (Your Email Address@greenspun.com), October 06, 2003.

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