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After attending Manpower 2003, I started thinking about Men's Fellowship within AME. I learned from our Brother Robert Matthews to check the Discipline. Much to my surprise there is a Connectional Men's Fellowship Constitution (pg 451-455) The Connectional Men's Fellowship's preample reads: "In order to create a Fellowship through which African Methodist men can enhance their sense of belonging to the church, gain understanding and appreciation of the spiritual and social message of the church, develop latent manpower in our congregations, and become recruiters of other men for dicipleship, and enhance the ministry, comradeship and fellowship of the church" There should be a Connectional officer for the Sons of Allen (Article X, pg 454) but i could not find one listed. Is the organization in existence? In the First District, Bishop Zedekiah L Grady has asked each church to start a unit. We have a group of yougsters in a program called Sons of Allen with dynamic adult leadership and successful program and a Men's Fellowship. I am sure there are readers of this board that have some answers to what exactly is going on or nt going on with the Connectional, Annual Conference and District levels of the organization. Bro Bob

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2003


Bro. Bob, there was action taken at the recent Bishops Council regarding greater emphasis for the Sons of Allen.

See and click on Council of Bishops Public Statement for details. There's not much there, but some action is taking place.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2003

Thank you to L W Clark for the reference to the Coucil of Bishops report:

"There is a need for greater emphasis on Male Ministry in the AME Church. To that end, the Council agreed to utilize the means of the Sons of Allen as provided for by The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church 2000. Bishop Talbot has been authorized to convene the Sons of Allen, and the Council of Bishops is to provide the names of the District leadership to begin planning and implementation. The Hymn for the Sons of Allen written by Bishop Talbot was affirmed."

I pray that with the Lord's help this effort will result in a strong, vibrant Men's Ministry throughout the Connection.

Thnak you LW Clark

To God be the Glory Bro. Bob

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2003

Hi Bro. Bob,

At last Annual Conference, Bishop Grady appointed me to head up our Annual Conference's implementation of The Sons of Allen. I'd like to create a network of Men's fellowship groups that adopt the same mission, recognizing that some churches already have Men's groups (and may call them something else), and possibly have an annual event and other opportunities to join together. If you are interested in assisting, or lending your thoughts & Ideas, let's talk.

Appreciate your interest.

Rev. Jay

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2003

For those who may not know, Rev Jay Broadnax is the dynamic Pastor of Bethel AME Church, Lynn, Mass. Rev. Jay, Iwould be honored to work with you on this assognment. As you said, let's talk. I am prepared to help you in whatever capacity you need me. God Bless Bro. Bob

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2003

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