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does anyone know how to set nero to burn at a faster speed than 24x?

-- ed (, August 05, 2003


It's not Nero that does the deciding when showing you the maximum burn speed prior to clicking "write". Assuming all is ok with your PC and Nero is well acquainted with your burner (means it knows its maximum burn speed) it then reads the blank media to see in turn what its max speed is. Most recent blank media have info on them that the burning program retrieves, and this includes max. burn speed. So, for ex. your burner can do 24x max even if u use media certified to 48x the highest burn speed you can choose is 24x. If u put in 16x media the highest burn speed you can choose is 16x. This is between the media and the burner, NOT the program.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, August 09, 2003.

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