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I had a realtor out yesterday to give me an idea of what we can expect on selling this property. he's the one I bought through and it turns out that he and David were friends in school. A very nice man. :)

I have decided it would be best to not take my buck with us as it would drive him bonkers to ride with girls cycling in the trailer. I hope to get a young buck instead, but don't know if I will or not.

It seems like the kids know something, but who knows what they know. We did get a great deal on a 4 horse trailer in very good condition for 1300. It needs paint, but not too badly. Today the kids will weed and I will sort through the pantry and get rid of questionable materials.

Angie wasn't there on Saturday morning so we didn't drop the kids off as per instruction. She left a nasty message for David about it, but oh well. The kids were disappointed, but they understood why.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2003


Well I didn't get through the pantry, but I did get the entire rabbit area cleaned and all but one tree well fertilized. Then I helped the kids weed and played Christian psychologist for about 5 hours with Jared.

Yesterday morning Jared was in a pouty mood and said he just didn't want to do anything....Again. So after intial attempts to cajole him into doing something I gave up and told him to just go to his room and lay down and DO NOTHING. Literally. He laid there for just over an hour and then came in crying that it wasn't any fun to 'do nothing'. Duh. Then he moped some more and I gave him an assignment to read in the book of Proverbs, but he said he couldn't understand it, so then I read it to him and explained as we went along. Sophie listened as well and she was accepting and happy about the whole thing. Jared still didn't get stuff, so I explained some more and made little analogies.

He's on this kick were he says "I don't know." all the time.

Then he starts to go on about how he wants a horse and I told him what I told him from the beginning of the horse desire inquiries. That he had a lot of stuff to show me before we would consent to it. He needs to show that he is responsible and that he will WORK even though it isn't always terribly rewarding to do so. He somehow thinks he deserves a horse, yet he whines about scrubbing out the goat water buckets twice a week and never remembers to water everything which is his specified job.....just the critters, not the plants.

The last thing I need is another animal to take care of and learn all about their specific needs. I had a horse with a sister when I was a child and I bought the wrong end of the horse, so I know a whole lot of the work involved in it, but not all the particulars. I'm not about to have such a noble animal relegated to the position of lawn ornament to apease an 11 year old boy. We don't have the money to care for a horse right now anyway.

Then there was the hitting incident. Augh. David laid down the rule that NO play fighting, no hitting or kicking or towel fighting or any kind of taunting to fight or threatening to hit would be tolerated at all. The punishment would be three whacks if the rule were broken. Jared threatened Sophie then he took the boxing stance a little bit later and she gave three very quick little girly punches on the arm. Jared thought she deserved to get spanked for it, and I told them that they both were in the wrong and I was willing to let it go if they would both acknowledge that they were wrong and apologize to each other....well, Jared wouldn't let it go. I said I didn't WANT them to get spanked, but that it would be up to their Dad. David felt that he had to follow through because he just laid down the law yesterday about it and he would appear to be undependable if he didn't follow through. David and I have agreed that he will be the one to render any spankings if it is seems right to me. Not that I wouldn't do it, but just the circumstances and make it appear best to have him do that. He feels like it is his job even though he hates it.

So he did and then there was about two hours of sobbing on Jared's part and 45 minutes on Sophie's. Jared insisted that I had promised that they wouldn't get spanked, but I didn't promise that at all. So he felt as if I had lied to him. It took nearly forever to straighten out and a lot of things were revealed to all of us by the incident....Jared is manipulative, and thinks he is a martyr; he believes that life should be easy and that he is great and doesn't really do anything that is wrong at all, he also thinks that since David loves me that he no longer loves him, and that he doesn't need to learn how to be a good man, it just happens naturally without any correction. He couldn't possibly more wrong headed about these things.

Sophie on the other hand only required a little bit of loving up and reassurance, and she moved on with no real trouble.

We are going to go through the whole book of Proverbs starting today. We all agree that God's Word is RIGHT and every opinion of man is just an opinion, so we'll hopefully get some life application things down through studying Proverbs.

All this and it's over 100 degrees everyday as well. :)

I am getting a young buck to replace Bishop...either today or tomorrow will be the switch.

That's enough for now. Hope all is going more smotthly for the rest of you and Diane.....I SURE hope your fence solves your conflict! Janice, prayers are going up.

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2003

It is SOOO hot! The good thing is that I know it will pass...:)

The garden has been reclaimed and looks a ton better. We are picking up things around here that just look a tic bad. It's funny how much more junk gets tossed around simply by adding more people. the kids have finally learned not to leave paper and plastic outside for the puppies to chew up.

David is going to take Jared for a night of camping tomorrow. I think it will be good for both of them. I guess Sophie and I will rent a movie and maybe I'll teach her how to play Rummy. Go fish is just a tic boring.:)

Love to all of you, and THANK you Janice for the update on Kenny!

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2003

David and Jared didn't go camping after all. Simply toooooo hot. It was 108 and I lost two rabbits to heat the day before yesterday. david rigged up a broken hose as a mister in the rabbit just mists a bit too much, but it should be a help for them.

We have a 70% chance for rain tonight and I am praying we get it. Everything is so beat from the temps being over 100 everyday and absolutely no moisture for weeks that all the animals and plants simply look exhausted. I'm exhausted myself. I think I'm going to have a nap here in a bit.

We tested Sophie for homeschool and other than horrific spelling and a few things in math that she hasn't learned she is ready for fourth grade as she should be. I predict that unless Jared applies himself she will pas him in two years. He's not unintelligent at all, he simply hates reading and really likes doing things with his hands.

This should be our last week here....It's going to be very hard to pull all of this off. dad's coming with a 18' trailer for tools and supplies. I STILL have to get through the pantry. I've given lots of my stockpile of lumber fencing and building sundries to our pastor, but I must find homes for the chickens and if I could find good homes for my wethers I would like to do that too.

Got to get! God bless all of you!

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2003

I've been busier than a beaver and I still can't seem to get much done. I want to clean out the sheds and get the trailer of trash over to Calvin's to help clean out the messes around here.

The kid's scrubbed out the water tank and that is a big help. We have to take that up there and with my Dad's grandiose trailer we should have room for it. There will be a lot of stuff left over and I cleared a rummage sale while we are gone with two of my friends. I also have arranged to have the screenhouse taken down while we are gone. It might behoove us to have a really good friend pack up the books as well.

I want to keep my barncats, but I might see if my pastor wants them. A lady is going to let me know about my male goats today. It would be good to have a little less work on the critters.

The vet came and probably blew it for us. I told him to keep quiet about the move when he came in the drive bit TWICE he said something. Arrrrrgh. I tried to brush it off, but don't think I had much success.

We should be gone next Wednesday. I won't be online for at least a month then. if I can squeeze some time in I will give an update before we go.....but if not, I want to say "bye for now! and may God's richest blessings rest on all of your shoulders and His peace fill your hearts..." I keep reminding myself that He is FULLY in control and I just have to be quiet and listen.


-- Anonymous, August 13, 2003

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