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how many ppl use overburn? dos it really mess up your cd writer? what are the worst effects of this? i wanted to know what could happen if i overburn movies that average anywhere from 95 mins to 110mins on a 80min/700mb cd-r?

-- D (, August 04, 2003


i forgot to add i use nero

-- DAMION (, August 04, 2003.

I have never heard of overburn ruining a CD writer, but I suppose it's possible. I think Nero has to put that warning in for legal reasons in case there is one guy out there who ruins his burner by using it.

You can not do what you propose though. According to CD-R specifications, the disc must have 1 and a half minutes on the disc reserved for what I think is called "lead time". Under normal circumstances, this space is not written to and and it does not count against the disc total. However, it is possible to write to it and that's what overburning does. This means that you can write at least 75 and a half minutes to a 74 minute CD-R and 81 and a half minutes to an 80 minute CD-R. I say "at least" because some manufacturers may put 2 minutes of lead time on the disc or even 2 and a half. They are required to put at least one and a half minutes though. You can not overburn to the extent that you propose.

It is possible to buy 90 and 99 minute CD-Rs and burn to those. However, all bets are off. Most burners will burn 90 minute discs, but few will burn 99 minute discs. There are no guarantees these discs can be read after burned, but the 90 minute discs usually work. The 90 and 99 minute CD-Rs violate CD-R standards, so there are no guarantees. To burn them, you must set Nero up to overburn to 90 or 99 minutes. The reason is that Nero thinks the 90 and 99 minute CD-Rs are 80 minute CD-Rs because that's all the specification allows for. If you try to burn 90 or 99 minute CD-Rs, respect the limits. Don't try to burn 92 minutes on a 90 minute CD-R, for example. I've heard of guys who burned 90 and a half minutes to a 90 minute CD-R, but I tried it once and the burn failed.

One final option you have is that Plextor makes a drive that can massively overburn and you might be able to get 110 minutes on a 99 minute CD-R, but the odds are that nothing outside of the Plextor drive can read it.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 05, 2003.

wat if the total length of my vcd on nero is 81:58 and im using a memorex cool colors cd-r 700mb/80min writes up to 48x multi speed. can i fit it on that?

-- jo (, August 05, 2003.

Hey i found a solution! I was browsing around my files and i found a folder named "ahead nero". and inside it was a bunch of stuff about nero. but ther is also a folder inside it called "nero toolkit". inside that is a program called "nero cd speed"! open "nero cd speed" and insert a blank disc into your cd writer and click the "extra" tab and choose overburning test! it will tell you exactly how much extra you can burn on your cd!

-- D (, August 05, 2003.

you get 2:48.61 (2mins 48sec 61ms)extra on a memorex cool colors cd- r 700mb/80min that writes up to 48x multi speed

-- D (, August 05, 2003.

what 80min/700mb disc gives the most extra time?

-- D (, August 05, 2003.

You can overburn all you want but the next question to contend with (if it's VCD you created) is: will your player accept it and indeed play past 79:59??? I've overburned on 80min Imation CD-Rs (to 82mins) and legally burned on Altera 90min CD-Rs and Sonic 99min Cd-Rs with TEAC CD-RS55 burners and others with Nero and all goes well. However, the two DVD players I currently use (JVC XV532 and Sony NVDSP530) absolutely and resolutely refuse to play past 81:00, and even when it approaches this the picture horribly pixelates, gradually disintegrating, and in the case of the JVC, just stops. The player then has to be powered off then on. I simply have just given up on all this and gave all my 99min CD-R blanks to the Salvation Army and have accepted that for better or worse it is really only up to 79:59. It's a bit moot because I've since moved to DVD-R, which is where, trust me, you'll end up also.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, August 09, 2003.

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