A.M.E. Herald for August 4, 2003 is online

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The A.M.E. Herald a weekly news publication featuring the news of the A.M.E. Church is now online.


-- Anonymous, August 04, 2003


In this weeks edition of the A.M.E. Herald there is a story about Dr. Robinson the pastor of St. Andrew A.M.E.Church in nashville, tn. He is doing incredible work for his church and state. We at the Herald want to feature stories about our churches and pastors across the connection, we want to hear from the small churches in our connection as well as the big church. There is so much good stuff going on. We want to hear from you, tell us about your church choir, outreach programs, exciting bible studies, awards that were given to members, renovations etc. and LAITY we want to hear your story! There is not church without laity. So do let us know what is going on.


to email stories: ameherald@mcn.net

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2003

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