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Is it August already!!! Only a few more weeks with my girls and they are back to school (Jr.and Sr). The oldest one is the one getting married so I will have to finish everything on my own. The younger one will be marrying the brother the following year. The family is nice but different. They are Christians but too hung up on doctrine. The marriages will take place in my Church which is Free Will Baptist. They the parents of the boys want it in a 1St Baptist because that is where they belonged all their lives and we switched 5 years ago from Methodist to Free Will so...therefore the weddings should be in their church. Mine you we are paying for everything. They are not contributing one bit but I am not bitter just want my girls happy and the boys are real nice boys so I will shut up and go with the flow as long as everyone knows what Church they are walking down the isle of. Does that sound like I am as bad!!!

Just finished canning tons of tomatoes. Make juice for the year (I have one of those Victoria from Lehman and love it). Whole Tomatoes and Spagetti Sauce. I think I will make more juice. I could drink a qt a day, love my tomatoe juice. I also canned up lots of hot peppers, pickled them. In the past I would go though the whole process of skinning and then presure canning so I could cook with but always spent a week after nursing burning fingers! Pickled almost the whole garden this year, beets, green beans (they turned out great).

Still bottle feeding this one calf who is determined never to drink without a bottle!!! I think we are going to have a little excitement today when I try to shove this 125 calf's face into the watering bucket and food down it . Who do you think will win? I might find myself riding it!

Hay was lousy this year, we got half of what we did last year. At least we have enough for all our cattle but my husband is worried that others will start selling off their cattle and when we bring our calves to auction they will go for a lower price. It cost 250.00 to replace a tire on a John Deere Tractor, if anyone is interested in doing so!!

Well I am not running away but thanks for listening and I hope that fence gets up soon for Diane. I which I could go to a garage sale with Pam.

Blessing to all from,

Debbie at Bountiful

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2003


It is HOT!!!! I guess Pam knows what hot is too!! I feel like I am a watering maniac. Blueberries, fruit trees and what is left of the garden needs watering practically daily. Husband is out of town and even though I do most of the chores taking on what he does get a little much.

I have had to deal with drop off dogs all week. 2 of them at different times. I usually drive them to a vet to hold for a week but that cost me $35 for each dog. I have had so many drop off dogs in the last few years. Kept 2 of them - found homes for 3 put two to sleep the rest paid a vet to hold for a week at leasts. That does not include "cats" I seem to be feeding a new one every so often. What I think is City folks get tired of their pets and drive to the country. They find a home that looks like they can afford dog food and tell their children they "found a wonderful home for their beloved rotweiller"! Of course I have such a soft spot for dogs and cats I have become the primary drop off point.

Diane, I hope those "so call neighbors" are leaving you alone. I am sure if you were my neighbor our dogs could play together. I wouldn't take any chances with those people. Keep your doors lock and have a cell phone ready to call.

Pam my website is almost ready to I can't seem to bring it up so I need to talk to the guy (my daughter's fiancee) about that. He is doing my website. Taking pictures of each soap and lotion is not too easy for me so I left that to my daughter and Brent (the boy). They Owe Me.

I am starting to wonder though, having a part time business that takes up a lot of your time during the day and running a ranch leaves me with little time just to read. I know that it will be worth it but sometimes I feel the only time I get to do a Bible Study is on Sunday morning Sunday School. I think I am going to look for a Bible Devotion Book. Not one with little cute sayings but say a theme that is backed with Bible Verses. Anyone got any ideas? What has everyone been reading lately?

Well the bottle calf won. Still being bottle fed. I am kind of falling in love with this calf which could be a problem,will it eventually be a 700 pound pet named Summer or end up in the freezer!

I hope all of you are having a nice Summer and are staying Cool. I need to tell you this quick story. I had received a email from this lady whose husband has lung cancer. He could not use any soap with a smell in it. I made her a batch of straigh olive oil soap with resins of frankinsence and myhrr which does not have a scent but good for the skin. Not cheap to do. I couldn't charge her because something inside of me said not too and I wasn't sure this would work on his skin either. Well her children in a different state have written me since and apparently it worked and the gift really added something small to his life. I feel really good that I did it and didn't charge. Sometimes we forget how good we have it. I have never met this woman and not sure about their faith but I feel moved to pray for her and her husband.

Thank you for listening,

Debbie at Bountiful

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2003

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