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When you burn a vcd does it go by how long it is or how many mb it is? and whats the diference between svcd and vcd? thanks

-- Scott Jewers (, August 01, 2003


Really it's size, but because of the bit rate used, there is a relationship. Basically the length of the CD-R is the maximum length the VCD burned to it can be. For example, an 80 minute CD-R would be able to hold 80 minutes of VCD video. A 90 minute CD-R (they're not compliant with CD-R standards, but they do exist) would hold 90 minutes of VCD video and so on. A lot of burning programs report the length in minutes because it's easier for most people to deal with than megabytes. VCD has a constant video bit rate of 1115 Kbps and a constant audio bit rate of 224 Kbps. VCD resolutions are 352x240 (NTSC) and 352x288 (PAL). VCD video can not be interlaced. There can only be one audio track. Subtitles can not be turned on and off and if they exist are always on as they are part of the video image, just like watching a subtitled video tape. SVCD has a maximum audio+video bit rate of 2723 Kbps. The video can not exceed 2600 at any time and still be compliant. The video bit rate can be variable. Multichannel audio, but only MPEG-2 multichannel audio, is supported. Multiple subtitles are possible and all are selectable - they can be turned on and off. Multiple audio tracks are supported, but I don't think you can have more than 2. Resolution is 480x480 (NTSC) and 480x576 (PAL). Interlaced video is OK, but not required. Compatibility with DVD players is much lower than VCD because some major manufacturers were too lazy to write firmware to support the format. has some info on various video formats.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 01, 2003.

I am using a program called "video converter pro" and when trying to convert avi to vcd it coverts it to a 4.5 gigabytes file!!, the movie is 90 minutes, is that normal?, I doubt it, what size should it be? I mean, whould it fit on a 80 minutes cd? or would I need to split it in to multiple cd`s? (imagine if it whould be 4.5 gigabytes.......too many cd`s) What should be a normal size for a 90 minute avi with good quality?

-- edward brooks (, January 21, 2004.

i got it to be a 874 meg file, but it doens fit on a cd-r, i had the video cky downloaded in vcd in better quality, 150 min and in less space (699 meg), how can i do that??

-- edward brooks (, January 22, 2004.

I have vcd movie whuch is 560mb in size, the duration is 2 hour 10 min and it is only on one cd(vcd).My question is ,how do you get that right? I thought vcd was time based..80 min.When i play the movie in media player, the total time shows 14 min ,but it is a complete movie.... Confused!!!!

-- mark (, February 27, 2004.

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