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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I'm acctually interested on minolta f100 or f300 How much did you buy your f300. and what is included in that price. like batt, charger, memory card, etc and doo you might know,approximately how much f100 recently? I look forward for your reply Once again thanks a lot for your reply


-- Wen Cen (yuliusyudi@yahoo.com), August 01, 2003


Not sure about the F100 (but don't think there is much point going for it either).

As for the F300 I bought it for 750+tax and the package contained the usual stuff - 32MB Toshiba SD card, strap, camera, manual, CD, one piece CRV3 batt. Note that this camera doesn't come with a charger or proprietary Li-ion batteries. You can use rechargeable AA batteries (buy separately along with charger). I bought a leather Minolta cover separately (a must buy to protect your investment). Hope this helps.

-- MS (123@hotmail.com), August 06, 2003.

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