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Dear All

I just want to praise the Lord for not stopping showering His blessings on my ministry. I will in a moment share it with you, but let me give you some history.

Three years ago I started structural changes of the small building at Vinton Anderson AME Church, Eerste River near Cape Town, South Africa. The seating capacity was approximately 170 - 200 maximum. I envisaged a social ministry which would include Day-care for the Aged, Soup kitchens for street children, counseling rooms for truamatized, Sunday school classrooms, a computer laboratory to help especially our youth prepare for the job market by helping them to improve their skills or to start learning; a church library and other ministries that are related.

Today, we are about 80% through the structural changes - we can now comfortably seat 600 - 650 people, the Day-care facility can now be used; the classrooms are almost ready to be used; the soup kitchens are up and running for a long time; our board room is 90% finish and a new office for the pastor; I have collected THREE (used)computers for our computer lab.(I will be needing at least seven more); I received a cash donation from the WMS of the Second (to none) Episcopal District; donations locally!!!

I know that there are persons who pray for me. Just keep on praying for us.!!

I will now attempt to set up a website to show everybody what we are trying to do here at THE CATHEDRAL of Vinton Anderson AME Church.

May God Bless Us All

Rev. William C Legolie, II vaame@mweb.co.za

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2003


Wow! Rev. Legolie, if ever there is anyone who truly deserves all these blessings it is you and your ministry! This is so wonderful and exciting to hear all the things you are doing in your community. Thank you so much for giving a praise report, for all to often we use this board to complain about what is wrong. You are a powerful reminder of what God is doing in our lives. Keep us posted about the website. I am so happy, and your report encourages the rest of us on the mission field.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2003

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