"Alone" time period

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Does anyone know, what was going on on poes life When he wrote this, Who was he with? Was he under the Inluence? Does anyone know? Does care!? Let me know what you Know, Enlighten Me!!

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2003


The poem was originally outside the published canon, resurrected in a friend's notebook(Lucy Holmes). Poe's poem "Tamerlane" swallows good lines from other poems like "The Lake" and has some of this poem too in the special aloneness theme. The end of his military aspirations, the death of Mrs. Allan, the loss of Elmira Royster to another. Whatever. All we really need to know is that the poet is reflecting back on an early experience of poetic calling and a sealing vision, much like a prohet's vocation. he lets the raw experience mostly sepeak for itself with minimal comment, faithful to the unprocessed honesty of the child's eye and heart. he uses a panoramic sweep from landscape to cloud, past to present, starting with his state of unique isolation and finding a response or mirror in nature which sets him on his life path of writing about that revelation. In these early years Poe is solidifying his dedication to becoming a writer, most especially a poet starting along Byronic lines within the strong and strange feelings of his unique self on a heroic scale.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2003

Thank you for your help, Do you know wxactly, What part of the bible poe maide a referance too? It would be greatly apreatiated.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2003

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