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I had a total knee replacement four months ago. I had therapy for about 12 weeks. I had about -1 to -2 on straightening the leg and 130 deg bending. The last 2 wks of PT I did not improve and seemed to be having more problems. I found that the tibia had been fractured, and a brace was ordered. I wore this most of my waking hours for about a month, then only when doing a lot of walking. The doctor said the fracture is healed. The x-ray shows it healed but not in the proper place. The piece that was broken off is still a small distance to the rest of the tibia.

I am having problems with loss of range-of-motion and have more pain now than I had 2 months Post Op. When I bend my knee to 90 deg I experience pain in the back of the joint. The pain is at the location of the top of the tibia and is severe enough that I avoid bending the knee to more than 90 deg

Can anyone tell me what would cause this pain and what can be done to re-gain my range of motion without the severe pain in the back of the knee?


-- lorene meacham (, July 27, 2003


Unfortunately these are questions that only your treating physician can answer, because he has all the information that would be needed before venturing an answer. sorry that we can't be more specific to help you.

-- David Hungerford (, August 06, 2003.

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