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Hi. My fiance is Catholic, though I am not. Also, I have yet to be baptized. However, I am starting RCIA in the fall. We plan to have our wedding ceremony in the Catholic Church this December. Is this possible? Also, from what I understand, marriage ceremonies are not held during the Easter season, but am not sure if this is also true for the Christmas season (around the 27-30th).

Thanx for all of your answers.

-- R.S. Taylor (, July 27, 2003


As far as you marrying in the Catholic Church you before your conversion, that is possible.

You may want to wait though so you can receive the Eucharist at your wedding Mass.

I am not sure if Catholic weddings can be held at the time you are considering. Hopefully others can fill in the details.

-- Glenn (, July 29, 2003.

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