I think Famke Janssen has potencial to play Aeon

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her face is very.. dunno how to explain it.. aeonish?

-- Carlox (cmtv12@hotmail.com), July 26, 2003


yeah...but she's proclaimed as Jean in X-men. I'd like to see a first time no-namer to establish the part.

-- Doug (Dougie_kerr@hotmail.com), July 27, 2003.

Perfect :)

http://www.celebritywizard.com/images/image_galleries/famke_janssen/pa ges/famke20_jpg.html

-- me (me@me.com), July 28, 2003.

I agree with doug

-- nomad (nomadphreek@aol.com), July 28, 2003.

Personally i would prefer if they didnt make a movie,it just wouldnt be the same,even if they somehow managed to get it anywhere near the original it would make no money.But in the end if they did make it Famkie.J would be the ideal choice for Aeon,same body type(as close as humanly possible),looks similar to her, and would actually be able to pull off the part.

-- nik (moltar23@homail.com), January 07, 2004.

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