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I just thought I might say a quick hello.

I wanted to give my condolences and deepest sympathies to Prof. Herzberg and whoever else knew the former York (and Stats) student that just past away. So sad.

I see that everybody is doing great. It's so nice when hearing students graduating and moving on, going to graduate school. I feel a bit jelous (in a nice way), cos I have another year and a half to finish. However, I'm sure it will feel really great at the end. So many years of hard work, so much stress before the exams. We even forget sometimes how beautiful this ride is, learning so much and feeling like we don't know anything yet.

This summer has been crazy for me again. I am enrolled in 3 courses, and I just finished an assignment yesterday. It was one of those papers when you feel that you can't finish it, or when you think you're done, it just doesn't feel good enough. However I feel so much relaxed now. I still have another 2 exams, but I'm sure I'll do ok. It was just too much for me to handle this summer, no vacation at all. Between 3 courses and having to work almost 40 hours a week, moving to a new apartment last month, my girlfriends mom having a triple bypass and her grandfather being very sick, and my aunt passed away last month. But that's life.

I have already enrolled for Fall and among other courses I have enrolled on Psyc 3030. I'm really excited about that one. Two years ago Psyc 2020 made my year. It was my highlight of the year, and that was not just in school. I hope Psyc 3030 will be the same (wish me luck, lol). Unfortunately I don't have as much time to review the material from Psyc 2020, my last summer exam is on August 22.

Good luck everybody, and I'll keep you posted.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2003

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