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I have a great deal of pain in my left hip for a number of years. I was sceduled for a total hip 18 months ago, but due to my husbands declining health, called it off. Now I have been diagnosed with AVN. I am wondering if a core decompression would help in the short term. My husband is in a terminal stage of COPD, and I really need to be able to carry his oxygen equipment and care for him. Would I have more range of motion after core decompression than I will with a total replacement?

-- Janie Fox (, July 22, 2003


An answer to this question could only be given on seeing the x- rays. However, it is unlikely that this would help. Also the recovery from a core and a total hip are about the same. You have to be on crutches for 6 weeks after the core to protect against fracture through the core tract. It is true that the core is a lesser procedure, but either will make it difficult for you to care for your husband

-- David Hungerford (, August 06, 2003.

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