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I had both knees replaced; left in 12/01 and right in 5/02. I did the CPM machine, even rented my own for the second one, did all the required physical therapy, yet my flexibility is only about 90-95 degrees. The doctor says I must have built up a lot of scar tissue. My first physical therapist actually pushed so hard on my left knee that I heard and felt a crunching sound-needless to say, this pain was excrutiatingly painful!!!!!!!! Even though she was able to get it to 110, it never went back there again without her pushing me to the point of screaming! I went to another physical therapist for the 2nd knee, but it got about to the same place then it just wouldn't any further. Is this what I should expect? accept? Is there anything that can be done with or without further surgery?

-- Debbie Riggs (, July 22, 2003


This isn't much of an answer, but I have the same problem. My Doctor, S. Southerland,at,{ Rebound Orthopedics},promised me 120 degrees motion, even though I had an old injury that was severe to my right knee,he even got down to an almost squating position to show what to expect.He said, and I swear this, that I would be able to play double's tennis.I asked about my previous injury and the ligament damage, his reply was, not to worry, "they could be cut out and not needed',. He booked the surgery for 1.5 hours, he spent 4.5 and didn't have time to remove all the scar tissue, later said it shouldn't matter. Well he cut me off pain med's 7 weeks later, right after my last therapy app. I fired him, My leg is lose, much pain, even at rest,85 to almost 90 degrees motion with pain. And he somehow or another has had me black listed from seeing any other doctor.I Haven't had a full nights rest in months, I try and sleep with a pillow between my legs to soften to pain.I am in big trouble here in Van. Wa.without a doctor and the pain at times is almost unbearable, but you hang in there at least you got a Doc. Michael

-- MIchael Jones (, September 04, 2004.

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