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Just out of curiosity, how long should it take for positive results from a core decompression of the hip to appear? If the core was done at stage 1, would the results appear more quickly than if the hip was in stage 2 or beyond? Thank you.

-- Marie Shanahan (, July 21, 2003


I had core decompression in both hips (at the same time). One hip's reading was 1, and the other hip was 0 (the surgery for the 0 hip wasn't necessary, as I found out evidence of AVN).

The groin pain disappeared immediately after decompression on hip with reading of 1. But there was a recovery period (use a walker, etc.) which lasted for about 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, the surgeries were not successful (even at those readings). Success rate is about 75-80% (guess I fell into the remaining 25%.) I really haven't answered your question, but undoubtedly any surgery should correct the immediate pain which caused the need for surgery. You would just be looking at recovery time and I suppose each individual is different. I once did some internet research on when the bone would start rebuilding itself but unfortunately I don't remember the website, but I'm sure you could find some info "surfing" around.

I wish you TONS of luck and success!


-- Jan Bear (, July 21, 2003.

Typically there is no difference in response and stage of disease. Most people feel better immediately, although it may take up to 6 weeks.

-- Paul Khanuja, M.D. (, July 22, 2003.

Dear Dr Khanuja, Thank you for your reply, however I did not phrase my question correctly. What I meant was how long would it take for signs of actual bone regeneration or for new cells to appear? Having had core decompression of bilateral knees myself, I was told that the reason for this surgery was two-fold: to reduce inner bone pressure, and to encourage bone cell growth. In my case, the surgery was a failure in bone growth terms. While it did reduce the inner pressure, thus reducing overall pain levels, it did nothing to help my bones to grow new cells. My right knee was ultimately replaced in 2000, and my left one will be done next month.

So, then, what kind of time frame are we looking at for the femur to hopefully grow new bone cells, assuming that will happen at all?

Many thanks!

Marie Shanahan ON/AVN Support Group Int'l, Founder/Director, and NONF, Director

-- Marie Shanahan (, July 22, 2003.

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