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Hello all,

Anybody knows how to record a film with subtitles?

I have the film in AVI, the TMPEGENC to convert to MPG-1 and Nero to burn. But I don't know how to record with subtitles?


Thanks for while!



-- Lemmings 2 (, July 18, 2003


VCD requires that subtitles be part of the video image. They can not be turned on and off like on a DVD, that is to say, they are not selectable. They are always on. You should go to a site like and look at some of the subtitle programs they have in the Downloads section. I have never used them, but it is said that some of them can be used to "burn" subtitles into the video image so that they are always "on" and that is what you will have to figure out how to do.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), July 21, 2003.

Heya, check this site and it will answer your question. Greets from Belgium

-- don't know (, July 26, 2003.

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