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i'm sick of seeing screenshots of aeon flux the game when it was scraped, that sucks major league. what a great concept for a game. although there have been mods for quake 3, unreal [they look good] - not everyone has q3 and unreal so how can you play it?

i want to make a good game for aeon flux. i was thinking of doom, wolfenstein mods as it's easy to download and anyone can play it but 2d sprites are very time consuming, especially players/enemies.

what about dark basic/3d gamemaker/game factory? they're pretty good - if anyone here would be up for making a game i'm ready. even a text adventure would be great... what do you say?

-- kansas (, July 18, 2003


I would love to see an Aeon Flux game. I remember there was a Mud- based text adventure game at one point but it didn't last long. The original concept for the Aeon Flux game was made into a game called Pax Corpus (rare to find) but aparently fun to play. Let me know if anything becomes of your idea. (my girlfriend is modeling some aeon flux stuff in 3d so maybe that could be of assistance).

-- Doug Kerr (, July 18, 2003.

Hi David,

Great idea. An Aeon mod would surely be great fun, if it's decently made. Can you tell me where to find the unreal mod/model? I've seen the quake model yet but I never found an unreal model.

-- Martin (, July 19, 2003.

"Not everyone has Quake 3 or Unreal" sounds like the most unreasonable excuse possible not to play a Aeon Model. Comeon, not everyone has anything. If the Aeon game were to be published, you would have to buy it, or else "not everyone would haave Aeon Flux". Same thing applying to Quake 3 or Unreal. Puting it short: Go get one of the two and stop whining :)

-- Ricardo Dirani (, July 21, 2003.

I think it'd be worthwhile to figure out the sort of game you'd want to play before jumping into a mod. Although it might be fun to slap a few Aeon Flux and Trevor skins into Q3 or Unreal and make a few levels, I don't think running around and killing everything in sight would really capture the show all that well. There are q3 Aeon Skins out there, btw. A great Aeon game would be a combo of several different genres. I could deffinately see a lot of use for Splinter Cell game mechanics, with lots of sneaking around/infultration/avoiding detection, and the occasional all hell breaking loose firefights. An aeon game would probably need a lot of role playing elements as well, with lots of player decisions in key areas such as what to say to certain people, ect. I could see a sort of freelancer motif, where you could play aeon as a gun for hire, choosing which missions you'd like to complete for different groups for cash, all in the context of some origional story. You would recieve money for successful completion, say capturing Bambara, or stealing some sort of technical readout from Trevor's skyscraper. You could work in most of the episodes in some manor in this way, and then use the money you make for new supplies/weapons/what have you. Of course doing an Unreal or Q3 mod is a billion times easier than making this beast that I'm thinking about :) But good luck!!

-- Arturo (, July 22, 2003.

I had a pc demo of it. It was called Meat Puppet, by Kronos Digital, (a reference to one of the episode titles I think. Remember the kid in the food box, singing... The episode with the custodians trying to climb into Aeon's navel).

There's still a few pages for it hanging around in the web.

The main character looks an awful lot like Aeon, but it's possible that one had nothing to do with the other.

-- astral (, July 23, 2003.

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