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we wish to marry in a 'novelty ceremony' in las vegas..we both love the ELVIS JP idea..and neither of us want the 'white lace and roses' ceremony that goes with the catholic church.. ..we are middle aged 44..and feel that the fuss is too much financially and since we have no would be a waste..besides a woman my age in a wedding gown is ridiculous..can we marry in vegas by a JP and be considered legal? is something we have both always wanted..the vegas wedding that is..

i just want to know my rights with wills and inheritance from my husband should anything happen down the road.

-- barb (, July 17, 2003


Response to catholic and non-catholic in civil ceremony

The Catholic Church does not require wedding gown, lace, or roses. A simple, quiet ceremony with a minimum of frills is perfectly acceptable. The Church does require that the holy sacrament of Matrimony be celebrated in a manner which is in keeping with its sacred nature; which conforms to the law of God; and which will result in a valid marriage. What you propose misses the mark on all three counts. Wills and inheritance are not Church matters.

-- Paul (, July 17, 2003.

Response to catholic and non-catholic in civil ceremony

Marriage is a sacrament and should be treated as such.

Paul is 110 percent right.

God bless,

-- john placette (, July 18, 2003.

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