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I have been trying extremely hard to find a way to turn a .mov into a mpeg so i can burn a movie onto a VCD I would like to know with quicktime pro which format you export the movie as. If someone could help that would be great

-- kyle (manufangiggs@yahoo.com), July 16, 2003


Use Ulead VideoStudio to read the .mov file in and output to MPEG. You can define the parameters of the output MPEG, such as bitrate, resolution, etc.

-- shuo_huang (shuo_huang@yahoo.com), July 22, 2003.

the best way is to install Toast Titanium. at the top of the toast window, click on "other" and hold it until a menu pops up; select "video cd". now just drag-and-drop any quicktime-playable file onto toast and it will do everything for you.

-- jesse holden (jofishnoise@hotmail.com), September 02, 2003.

You might find your answer here


the author of this article says Quicktime Pro isn't necessarily the best program to use to do this with and he offers some alternatives.

-- Mary S (marys@rosaryrenaissance.cjb.net), September 06, 2003.

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