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I added the script to Isthmus Crypticus to my aeon site. Its at

-- adam (, July 16, 2003


Here am I at your site scrathing my head wondering where is and *what is* a "Isthmus Crypticus script". It must be something very cool, considering I'm reading there that it's the only site in the Net to have scripts.

-- Ricardo Dirani (, July 21, 2003.

Ah, *that* is a script :). My mind locked in script as in "script kid". Had forgoten the other meaning of the word.

-- Ricardo Dirani (, July 21, 2003.

Is that a comment? or what? im asuming that it is because of the :) but i could be wrong.

-- adam (, July 22, 2003.

It's a great idea!!!. I have seen the episodes, but my problem was the language (my English is not very good). With this I can understand better. I hope that they add more. I'm from Perú.

-- Carlos Peña (, March 03, 2005.

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