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I can't tell if this question has been asked or answered (I didn't read EVERY question)

I have many hours of VHS recording of family events and grandchildren that I would like to archive to VCD, to preserve the originals, but later I would like to bring them into video editing software and make a DVD.

Once you record a VCD is the file in a format that could be brought into video editing software or would it need to be "recaptured" somehow.

I want to archive and organize these tapes before I lose the content. Some are already 20 years old.


-- Dlynn Walker (, July 16, 2003


You can put VCD files on a DVD by resampling the sound to 48KHz (VCD is 44.1KHz) - no picture re-encode is needed. There is a guide on that tells you how to do this.

However, and this is a big however, most DVD authoring programs do not like the idea of VCD on DVD, even though it follows the DVD specs. For that, you may need to find an older program like SpruceUp!, which is available on afterdawn as well. It's a trial version, but I'm sure there are ways to get around that as well.

-- Bryan (, February 10, 2005.

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