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Hello all---

I am currently a full time seminarian as well as a resident director at a private school founded by the Church of the Brethren. After about 7 months of debating with God, I have decided to be obedient, step out on faith, and start a choir with our African-American students. Nothing like this has existed on campus and I have had a huge response already.

Last week, I attending our Church School Convention and there were a number of songs that I enjoyed, including English-Swahili selections.

Does anyone have a tape or book of songs that they would be willing to send in English, Swahili or other languages? I would like to teach the kids a little more about our heritage through song.



-- Anonymous, July 15, 2003


Shauna congrats on starting a choir at your seminary. I am sure you know this but the Church of the Brethen has it's roots in Methodism.

When I arrended Princeton Seminary 1989-1992 a gospel choir was started for the first time. It was great and very quickly became a multi-ethnic choir because the music was so great. The choir is still in existence today. And a gospel choir will benefit the entire seminary community for everyone will learn from the rich history of the black church.

There are many on the board who are involved in choirs or have led choirs, Jerryl Payne, Robert Matthews III, Bob McCain. They may have some suggestions.

Keep us posted and hang in there, seminary is hard work but it is well worth it.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2003

Two good places to start, The AME Church Hymnal and the African American Heritage Hymnal. Our hymnal is periodically updated, the fourth printing dating back to 2000. The type is a little easier to read now, and the keys have been moved down to today's actual range . The other hymnal is also rather current, and contains Richard Smallwood's "Total Priase", along with a number of selections covering traditional, African tongues, and contemporary praise music.

The AME Hymnal should be available from the Sunday School Publishing House. The African American Heritage Hymnal should be available in Christian or Baptist bookstores.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2003

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