burning my mpeg to cdrw after converting from avi

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Well just getting into this video thing and love it. I have a question. What I have to do is after making mini videos on my kodak camera and they come out in in MOV extentsion, I have to convert them to AVI and then to MPEGs. Well when I convert to MPEGs to make a CD for playing on DVD Player it seems like it takes huge amount of time to convert it to that Mpeg. Is this normal? Plus these 2-3 min mini videos I put on cd seem to take up all the room on the cd. I can only put 2 or 1 on them. Is that normal? I thought of compressing and did it and it left lines in the video. Any free programs or suggestions. Help! Thanks.

-- vic (vicky10@snet.net), July 15, 2003



The mpeg conversion does take a long time, that's normal. As far as your length, go ahead and make the whole video, then Mpeg convert.

I just cut Finding Nemo, the movie, 900+Megs in half. Now I have to burn the two halfs to 2 CD's.

For splitting Mpegs, and it has taken me weeks to find it, Use (AVI MPEG WMV Splitter) just type it in your search browser, and it will pop right up. Go to their site, and get the free download. It takes 4 min. to split, you can choose how you want to split the movie, and ITS EASY.

Duane Cole

-- Duane Cole (Trioval24@yahoo.com), September 10, 2003.

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