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Trevor seems to have a lot of talent just bubbling under the surface. Besides being the politcal figure of Bregna he could have had a myriad of careers. Such as:

1. Fashion Trevor creates a dress for Aeon (Utopia episode), and Trevor creates a Birdman outfit for himself (Isthmus Crypicus) and in the same episode when Number 3 gives a security report Trevor starts to make overexagerated and goofy poses in the mirror! A budding model?!

2. The Trevor Goodchild Show Trevor has a TV show (The Purge). He is the cool dressed Host who with his funky dancing Co-Hostesses and "hostage-of-the-week" put on a pretty good show. Sponsored by "The Custodian: A fire for those who have none" and "Breen Produce: Got Cabbage?"

3. Phillospher Almost every episode is anchored with a brilliant piece of phillosophy by Trevor such as "we are all blanks", "it's the evolution revolution", "that which makes us different makes us strange" and such. Probobly the closest occupation listed that really fits him.

Any other projects or possible career changes for Trevor? Let's talk!

-- Euphoric Industry (, July 15, 2003


a sex machine? no but seriously he could be an inventor beause in the purge he created that little pic thing that dances and he could have also invented the custodian. he could be a scientist because in the pilot episode he like cured people and did experiments on people and such and in the ether drift theory episode the cube was sort of an experiment and he did have vaious labs and things in that cube. in tanatophobia he was a doctor. i guess you could also put that he was a doctor in a last time for everything. it sounds like hes i think frank is his name, from catch me if you can. ok that all i can think of

-- adam (, July 16, 2003.

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