2 seater street cart, can it be done? how?

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ok, specifically i would like to make a low, 2 seater street cart. i want to build a body around the frame, i want it to reach 60-70 km/h. i would like standard transmission just like a shifter in a car, it has to have minimum 3 gears and reverse. how do i do this, i need to know parts, assembly, prices and where to find shit. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

-- clint (apollis_05@hotmail.com), July 15, 2003


why dont you just setal for what you get not what you want I HAD TO!

-- joey (joey_player69er@yahoo.com), October 08, 2003.

you could use the rear axle off a tractor mower

-- Tom Hill (a_life_behind_bars2@hotmail.com), November 16, 2003.

you would need a strong 80-100% duty cycle mig welder and alot of 1.in Dia steel tubing you would need a 10-20 h.p briggs or tecumseh engine with a good centerfugal clutch with a 10 tooth drive gear axle sprocket would need be 40.1 chain compatable lol if you need to post on this site you dont know how to do anything with trannys or gears nor do you need any gearing or reverse for a fast street cart you would need 2 cyote racing seats and racing go kart tires a single hydraulic caliper and vented aluminum disk brake for the rear axle you would need all steering hardware found on any racing go kart website along with all the prices you need i recomend www.gokartparts.com

-- Steve Moudy (badassbikez@yahoo.com), January 22, 2004.

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