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Im looking for some sort of detailed discription about all the different types of chinese teas available now. Talking about what the tea looks like, tastes like, how the make the tea taste the best, and any other details. I Feel that books like "All the tea in China" are too general and i cant find many of the teas in China itself. Also deatils about how each tea is made. For example Long Jing looks very different from BiLoChun.

Hope there is another fanatic out there that can help.

-- simon mcdoanld (, July 14, 2003



Somehow, I seem to be attracted to your titles.. I think fanatics think alike... goes....

Can you read chinese? Most books that answers your questions are written in Chinese. There are some in English, but are rather inaccurate.



-- Eric S. Y. Lim (, December 01, 2003.

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