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Hi, I'm trying to write a vcd for use in a portable vcd player. The player is a cheap knock off from thailand so i don't expect great compatability. I've tied many programs, Nero, Pinnacle Studio 8, Ulead DVD workshop and Roxio WinOnCD 3.8. Out of these only WinOnCD works, but it's a totally crap program. I was wondernig if anyone has any ideas on why only WinOnCD works and if there are any better programs out there which will work. Also has anyone tried WinOnCD 5?


-- Simon Hearn (, July 14, 2003


well, have you tried converting first, are you doing that ? TMPGENC will convert to NTSC PAL what not, other than that, burning it wise, NERO should do more than fine.....

Other than that, maybe your player wont play CD-R, or plays only a certain type of cd-r

-- Chris madson (, July 14, 2003.

I have home video clip but when i copy to cd it never play on VCD Player, I need a software that will let me make VCD and I can play on Video CD Player and computer too.

-- Dewan Rupu (, August 23, 2003.

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