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i am currently using aare to convert my avi's to vcd's but it takes approximately 4to5 hours for a 2 hour avi. dos anyone know a faster software to use?

-- D (dontH@Vone.com), July 13, 2003


Hey get tmpgenc to convert avi to mpeg then use nero to burn it. So far this is the quickest way. Email me if oyu know better or want any idea's cheers

-- Pedro (shaggyVIP@hotmail.com), July 13, 2003.

I Use TMPGENC, and it dosnt convert everything......

Alot of avi is "uncompatible" bullshit or stuff like "wrong file" anything else out there

-- Melanie TITith (Mortimer@Slutbeagle.com), July 13, 2003.

There are faster encoders, but as a general rule, the faster the encoder, the worse quality you get. Buying a faster PC can help some with this problem.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), July 15, 2003.

If you check your CPU load during conversion you will notice it's probably at 100%. A faster CPU will speed up the process. Lowering your setting will also speed up the process. Try to capture at the same setting you intend to produce will also speed up the process.


-- none (rdsp@notefly.net), September 18, 2003.

use netto vcd software its really good and really fast

-- wanka (vndjksvnfesjkvbnskj@megfgr.com), September 18, 2003.

hi, can U help me? I've got the same problem as you. (convert avi/vcd). maybe someone has answered you on your post. It would be nice if you could tell me about some freeware

-- marian roschig (marianroschig@yahoo.com), October 24, 2003.

Try super dvd creator

-- Fumo (Kogovtad@gimb.org), September 01, 2004.

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