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I was thinking about the many people who visit this discussion board, some post regularly and some just read the posts. We are from all parts of the world. But collectively we make up the A.M.E. Church.

I live in Bozeman, Montana which I love for God has called me to minister here. My congregation is small, but to God they are as important as a 18,000 member congregation. Many of my friends from seminary pastor big prestigious churches and they wonder why I am in montana. I am here because God has asked me to take care of this part of the garden. It may not be the prize rose bushes but instead it is the hedges, yet I am to care and nurture them.

There are many of you laity and clergy that feel what you are doing is not important, perhaps you are in a small church, you may be an usher, you may be the cook in the kitchen, you may be the one who folds the bulletin every week. You look around and it seems that others have higher positions and titles, they are getting recognition and you are not. Do not dispair! For God is using you in wonderous ways, he has placed you where he needs you the most, and he has called upon you for your faithfulness, the other's may have earthly titles but you wear the title of a disciple.

Do the best work you can for God where you are now. Do not wait for someone to reward you for your reward is Jesus going to the cross, pray and spread the good news. God is using each and everyone of us as if we were individual threads, he weaves a beautiful tapestry, and each thread is an important part of his plan for salvation. It is the ordinary people that God uses the most, not kings, queens, but ordinary people. Be proud of where you live and minister, for God presences is needed there. Take care of your piece of the garden and all of humanity will grow spiritually. Keep up the good work, I love you all dearly. A.M.E.'s rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2003


I am very excited about this opportunity to share with my fellow AME's. I am new to this forum and check frequently to see what new information is available. I appreciate all who contribute. For those who have questions or thoughts that have been troubling to you ask the question or make the comment, it might help someone else.

I agree with you because we all have work to do. The true growth of a church and congregation is not in the numbers. It is the individual growth of each Christian. Some of us need to be in a smaller setting so that we are not swallowed up in the crowd. Some of us will thrive in a setting where the pastor knows our names. It is amazing how the Lord directs our paths.

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2003

Dear Rev. Rogers,

I agree totally with your post. I like mega churches but I have learned that even though I am not a minister, what I do one on one in the name of Jesus to bring an individual into fellowship with God is equally important. I read a commentary the other day that states that the threefold purpose of the church is:

1. Worship

2. Edification of the Saints

3. Evangelism

Therefore, those people who do these things in obsurity have eternal value and cosmic significance in their labors.


-- Anonymous, July 15, 2003

Many years ago when I was in seminary, we were required to do two years of field education. (seminary is three years of graduate work in theology) I was united methodist at the time and was placed in an all black umc church, they were not use to women on the pulpit and did not want a woman at the church. Lucky for me the pastor felt it was time for the church to have a clergywoman, it was hard, enduring comments from members of the congregation etc. But I knew God called me and I was not leaving. A few months ago I received an email from aa woman who had been a member at that church when I was there. She said it helped her answer her call to be a minister, seeing me. She is now in seminary herself today. While I was at the church, I kept thinking, I am not doing enough for God, this is so hard. But God had a plan in mind when I was sent there.

By the way when I left that church those that opposed a woman on the pulpit cried and I asked me to forgive them. And today 2003 a woman is the senior pastor at that church. God can and will use everything we do for him to bring his plan to fruition. That is why faith in God is so important.

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2003

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