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I am looking for climbing partners to climb from July 23 to Aug 9th in Chamonix area (other area OK if you have a car or can convince me)

I am now mostly interested in classic snow and ice (mixed or not) routes in the AD - TD+ range. I have made a list of route plan to do and to get familiar with the partner.

I am also interested in classic rock routes in the D-TD range (6a max. 6b only as a seconder or a few well protected moves), in the Charpoua and Couvercle areas. But for Chamonix I am more interested in snow/ice than rock.

I speak english, a little Italian and even less French. I have all equipment and fairly familiar with the mountain in the area.

If you are interested in more details please mail to usenet_mh (at) yahoo dot com.


-- Maohai Huang (, July 12, 2003


Hi I Wish to climb Mont Blanc this summer, I currently live in the Grenoble region and while I have done a lot of hiking and a very good level of fitness, Mont Blanc would be a new level for me.

I am looking for somebody with a little experience with crampons/ropes to join me-I have a car + an appartement and my French is good, and would wish to share the expense of hiring a guide in Chamonix, for the climb. A+ G

-- G.Hynes (, July 13, 2003.

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