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I am a 28 yr old male just diagnosed with AVN IIIa in my right hip and IIIb in my left. no pain in my right often extreme in my left. according to the mri radiologists report there is already subchondral collapse in the left. i've accepted the fact that i have to have some kind of surgery and given up on trying to figure out why this is happening to me. 1. what are my options. 2. what can i do now to prevent further collapse (should i not be walking, should i not be drinking alcohol, nicotine?) 3. what is recovery time? anyone with any responses please let me know. thanks so much in advance for any insight.

-- Tim Jones (, July 11, 2003


On the less affected side, a joint preserving operation may work such as a core decompression, or a fibular graft.

-- Marc Hungerford, M.D. (, August 06, 2003.

Hi Tim,

Sorry to hear about your pain- been there, done that- two hip replacements later I'm almost dancing! I did not have AVN but have a cousin with the condition and I have researched the subject extensively for her. In answer to your question about preserving the little function you have in your left hip, you should try to keep weight off of it by using crutches and limiting weight-bearing activities. You will eventually lose the joint space and end up with flexion contracture at the joint which can only be alleviated with total hip replacement surgery. This surgery is very rewarding is its almost instantaneous resolution of hip pain and return of joint mobility (YAY). As far as not drinking and smoking, that's a no- brainer, both are destructive to your bones, lungs, circulation etc,etc.. If you do have total hip replacement, your recovery time depends on many factors, including the condition of the other hip and how hard you work at rehab. Good Luck.

-- christina delottinville (, October 27, 2003.

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