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I thought I was technical and I thought I could work this out quite easily but perhaps not ...

I created an MPEG2 file using my DV Editor and although the DV Editor (ULead) gives me the options of creating a VCD, SVCD or DVD I do not have a DVD player and I know my DVD playing can only play VCDs and not SVCDs [Sony NS400D] so I need to make a VCD at preferably the higher resolution of an SVCD.

So I've followed the instructions using my MPEG2 file at:


aka "the VCD header trick" and then started up Nero, chosen **VCD**, no menus and tried to burn my newly created MPEG2 file with an MPEG1 header part on it. The VCD burns fine (at my slowest speed just to be sure) but when I play it in my DVD player it plays the first few seconds just fine and then the audio and video skip _very_ badly ...

Have I done this wrong? If I've done the 'header trick' correctly then can anyone suggest why my video/audio is skipping so poorly *and* how to fix this. If this is a data rate problem please tell me how I turn down my data rate when I reprocess and burn the video.

All help appreciated, Regards, PK

-- PK (pk_news@att.net), July 11, 2003


A lot of things could be the problem. The web page you cited says that for some players, you must use VCD template (standard) even though it is not a standard VCD. You could try that. It could be that your bit rate is too high. Get the Bit Rate Viewer at http://www.tecoltd.com and run your video through it. Bit rates over 5000 on CD-R media often cause problems and sometimes even 4000 can be too much for some players. It could be your media. Try burning to CD-RW. Without knowing your DVD player, it could just be an issue with your player. Look up the model in the DVD Player Compatibility List at http://www.vcdhelp.com and see if any of the formats are listed as problems for your player.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), July 11, 2003.


thank you for the extra pointers. Tried the standard and non- standard header and neither worked but I've had a re-read of the postings here and there and maybe I'm just not doing this exactly right.

Firstly, I can now confirm that my DVD player, Sony NS400D, can play VCDs MPEG1 352x240, it can play SVCDs w VCD header MPEG2 480x480 but what I was trying to do was create an SVCD w VCD header MPEG2 720x480 and this is where it encounters problems.

The current bitrate peaks arounds 6,400 so I'm going to attempt to turn that down somehow. Now I have no idea how to do that so if anyone can help me here I would be most appreciative. I'll have a better read of the TMPGEnc information.

Kind regards, PK

-- PK (pk_news@att.net), July 11, 2003.

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