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General Tommie Franks' comments before a special Congressional panel about the projected length of stay of American military personnel in Iraq is indeed disturbing. The retiring general and Commander of Operation Free Iraq was quoted as suggesting that restoring peace in Iraq and providing a smooth transition to full indigenous Iraqi rule might require American troops to be in Iraq anywhere between 2-4 years longer. The President is asking Americans to be patient and let the rebuilding of Iraq commence as planned. I understand perfectly well the necessity to make sure that the new Iraqi regime does not follow the Iranian model of an anti-American Islamic theocracy. But, these Kissinger-style models of geo-polictical equilibrium are not reassuring to a skeptical nation (which now counts me in that company). I have been a supporter of military action against Iraq and do not regret my support. The decision to remove Hussein was the right decision although it came with a high price, US casualties. Now Americans must endure the daily reports of sniper attacks against American military personnel. If ever there was a time for a multi-lateral role in stabilizing a country, it's now. However, the community of developed countries sits backs and offer no substantive help. This is an outrage. This also confirms once again why the UN is completely impotent. QED

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2003


It will probably take ten or more years. Didn't Israel win the war with the Palestinians about 40 years ago? If I remember correctly, they captured the Palestinians and now they are still trying to figure out how to give them thier independence without losing face. Sometimes it is hard to determine who really lost the war.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2003

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