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Hi All! I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on Rev. Donna Allen. I'm looking to have her do a women's retreat at my church which is not AME. Someone passed on her name to me but could not recall her church or much other information. Can anyone here help?

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2003


Unless I am mistaken she pastor's an AME church in Oakland, CA.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2003

She is the very able and capable pastor of Parks AME Church in Oakland, California. The number to the church is 510.654.8758. The location is 476 34th Street, Oakland, CA 34606. She is also a professor at St. Paul Theological Seminary in Kansas City throught the week.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2003

Thanks for the information. I will be sure to make contact. I take it she has a good reputation amongst the AME folks?

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2003

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