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I am planning on beginning a new layout, specifically, the Ganite Gorge and Northern from an old copy of 6 HO railroads you can build. I plan on using DCC. The layout is essentially a double figure eight with connecting tracks between the two figure eights. I want to modify the layout by changing one of the connecting tracks from figure eight 1 to figure eight 2 TO a connection to both loops of figure eight 1. Thereby essentially making that figure eight a double reverse loop. However, I just cannot figure out how to wire it with automatic revesing modules. Can anyone help me? I can scan and email a rough drawing if required.

-- Wally M (, July 08, 2003


Yes, a track diagram would certainly be helpful. I can't picture a "double reverse loop" and don't have a copy of the cited book.

There are only 2 golden rules for applying most DCC auto-reversers. 1. Make sure that the reversing track section is longer than the entire train (or at least those parts with metal wheels). 2. There must be a section of track with fixed polarity between each reversing section.

These 2 basic rules can foil many realistic track plans. But you can bend your wiring to conform to rule #1, and therefore ease rule #2 by either: A. Using a special short track reverser controller (By Loy's Toys or others). I have a design posted in the files section of model rr electronics forum on Yahoo. See OR B. Use relays to modify the effective length of the reversing track section by switching the source of power to additional track sections to be from 'main' or 'Auto-Rev' feeders as you throw turn-outs to select the train path.


-- Don Vollrath (, July 09, 2003.

I have the book in question. Actually I have the verstion that was updated in the early 1990s and the book has been retitled to Seven Step by Step HO Railroads. Atlas has since published an online preview of this layout and the layout can be viewed at

Glad I could be of assisstance.


-- James R. Mitich. (, July 09, 2003.

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