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Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew how to make a goped ? cause i am 14 and i dont really know too much about engines but i feel determined to try and make a goped i have a normal metallic scooter which is probably too small to put an engine on anyway i need help on how to do this and what is the best kind of engine i can do it with i have some weedwacker engines ...but what else can i use (ex.chainsaw,lawnmower,etc.!) plz help me also i dont have too much money i am only 14 ...dont be very technical when you reply thnx!

-- Jesse Kinkead (, July 08, 2003


there is no way to drive a wheel on a small scooter like the one you have, I am 15 and have just compleated making a gocart with a 5 horse briggs tiller motor that i found at the locar garbage dump. i have skills with morors so it was no trouble to get the motor running. In your case you could get someone with a little more experience to fix it for you. if you are lookng for a fun project a gocart is the way to go. you could even find a used cart frame for around 50-100$ and a compleate cart for around 150-200 if you know where to look if you are a canadian resident i suggest you check good luck and dont waste your time on the scooter because those are restricted to sidewalks but with a go cart you can go anyware aslong as there is a ground to drive on. Good luck on whatever decision you make- please em@il me to tell about your sucess i am very interseted in these kinds of things and would like to know how it turned out. P.S the email address is real

-- robert (, July 09, 2003.

Hey I'm having just about the same problem you are I'm only 14 also and need help on how to connect the weedeater engine to the goped. I'm going to try to use a chain.and if you find anything helpfull I would apriciat hearing from you thanks.

-- Tom (, August 09, 2003.

The best solution to both of your problems is to afix a shaft just infront of the rear wheel of the scooter. On this shaft you can bolt a bracket to bolt your weedeater engine to in a way that it touches the rear wheel. It is best if you rig another scooter or skateboard wheel to the clutch on the weedeater engine to make contact with the rear wheel of your scooter. Also you can fix a bicycle seat on the top of the post with a small gas tang suspended from the bottom of the bike seat. That is about as simple as I can make it for you without drawing a picture. Good luck and be safe... both of you.

-- Carl J. Stone (, August 19, 2003.


-- king (, August 24, 2003.

i am 13 and i have a solution to your problems. Take a goped frame and a weed eater engine. buy a spindle for the engin and connect it to the flywheel.bolt the engine down to the back of the frame where it gets contact to the back wheel. Then tighten the back wheel agaist the spindle where it can turn the wheel. hook up levers to the throttle and make sure you have a kill switch. also i would recomend you put in brakes before you ride it. This is a very good way to make your own goped with out burning a hole in your pocket. If you have any suggestions email me at my at my address.

-- mikeal drew Gaines (, September 07, 2003.

Duct Tape.... ;-)

-- XeosX (, September 22, 2003.

There is a way. Check this website out and email him. racer2/

-- Joe Magumbo (, October 01, 2003.

im 18 an i have a goped , i managed to put a Chainsaw engine on it , its easy ...... just you first you have to figure out how its going to be mounted , once you figure that out Drill cut do what you must , ANYWAYS once the motor is on to make the wheel turn , FORGET The spindle , i baught a wheel that came with a mini flywheel already it costs 10 at a flea market , then i just welded a little bike sprocket to the Chainsaw Clutch , then run a chain from the clutch to the flywheel on the tire , an boom your done .

-- Jaime Perez (, October 22, 2003.

ok what u do is forget all the shit about making a goped, you go to you take some money and buy one.

-- ian parker (, October 26, 2003.

OK make a frame with METAL AND A WELDER the mount the engine on the side of the rear tire then buy a spindel that cost 25 buck and you have a goped. Engine a small craftsman engine is fine i have one that is 21 cc and i cleaned and put parts on and it halls butt. good luck and use the right gas mixed

-- CAS (, December 02, 2003.

forget about all of that and just go to

-- robert price (, December 29, 2003.

u can put a weedeater, chainsaw, hedgetrimmer, leafblower, lawnmower (only horizontal shaft unless u want to fuck around turning the carb and relocated the gas tank and shit like that), and u can put it on a razor scooter is what u ment rite the once with the 4 inch wheels just seach google for tzi scooter world cuz i forget the wed address ull see stuff people built like wut ur talkin about and a forum thats better then this.

-- yes u can (, January 22, 2004.

I am rich i have 5 goped they all runn at the speed od 40-50 dont email me or do any shit but i have a goped that goes 68 mph i hav e a shifter cart ingine on it they go like 80 took speed but i have used a spindle it goes so fast it spins hella on the wheel and wheres it down but i have put on a sproked and fixed it i when 78 mph it is so scary i have a wheelie bar on it i got plled over by the cops i when on the free way my friend folowed me encase something happen but i got a ticket but i bought all the shit for goped i spent like 7000 or 8000 dollars it is f****** pimpin. it is so fast im scared im 19. it has spinners but they broke they were spinning to fast. See Ya(:

-- MR. Pimpster (, February 03, 2004.

I am the owner of Homick GoPeds which is located in NC. The fastest goped w/ a 60cc engine goes around 45. It is physically impossible for the tires of any friction driven engine to with stand speeds higher than that. At 45mph the tire will begin to melt and smoke. Check my Ebay Listings by seaching by seller "gopedtrader"

-- Homick GoPeds (, February 07, 2004.

Hi I am a 12 year old kid who makes motor scooters. I use weedwacker motors. So what you should do is buy a big off-road scooter form, like k-mart or wal-mart for like $35.00-$40.00 . Then buy a weedwacker from a yard sale, (if you want to make it a good scooter then buy like a homelite or a ryoby) . Take some meatl and mount it on the motor, then mount the motor on the scooter.

-- Eric Trimmer (, February 14, 2004.

forget that shit above and go to im 13 and built a 45 mph goped and it has spinners and everything is chromed out its pimp.any questions ask me

-- tuck (, March 31, 2004.

go to that web site and buy a g23orc motor for like 245 or if u want good help go ask this pro for freee.

Phone: (310) 325 4391

-- tuck (, March 31, 2004.

i have a homelight weedwhacker engine, i unbolted the bar and it has a heavy duty spring torqe wire thats squared off and fits in like a socket/ratchet. so should i just weld a little axle an put a skateboard wheel or something?and then i would mount it to some sort of scooter or bike so the skatewheel just lightly pressed on the tire?please email me with some ideas, any ideas would be much appreciated!!thanks an peace out

-- mike (, April 23, 2004.

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-- adhd (, May 05, 2004.

Forget making one its a waste and chainsaw motars and weed eaters will seize Honestly here are you going to buy a frame and mount that shit ............ just buy a used goped for like 200 i see them all the time dont have the money and your 13 like me.......... WASH SOME CARS ahhhh you people are so stupid.

-- Austin stewart (, May 05, 2004.

Hey all, I have a Predator SE jet Scooter i bought from It will do 30 because i put a ADA Racing air filter on it and a Super X-Can. I have front and back shocks, Air filled 10 inch tires, MPH gauge, 43cc engine, Chain Driven with centrifical Cluctch, I am 14 years old and had enought money for all this because i WORK. I have about 500 dollers on this scooter so far and also i have an electric scooter im selling so give me a holler.

-- Ed (, May 06, 2004.

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i have no money as most of us 14 year pld ppl. i have yet to build a goped but planning to i need some suggestions/tips on doing it.yea i kno i could was some cars and get money but why its more fun to build it for all u ppl out there that try to be funny

-- unknown (, June 13, 2004.

u all are stupid i bought a sport goped from jetcrafts in michigan and mine does 55+ i got a g290 engine,ada torque pipe, juice box(ada, and i have a ada carb kit, so just buy one. im only 12 i r ace mine im gonna get NOS soon so mine so fast, email me and i will so u my goped all chrome so. bye bye!!!!!

-- jeremy jessome (, November 28, 2004.

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