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Bregna is a very interesting place. It is heavily bordered from Monica in the way the Berlin wall worked. The Bregna Wall seems to have several open passages and corridors which have traps and weoponry. Great tall turrets armed with large focusing guns and amputation equipment seem enough to prevent defection or sabatage...well except for Aeon of course.

The people of Bregna seem to be seperated into classes. The goverment in which Goodchild is a large part of, the Military and the populace who have to suffer the whims of Goodchild. Whether it be false conciousness or universal happiness or strange spirituality (the Demiurge). Though in Isthmus Cryticus, Goodchild seems to think it is HE who doesn't have it so well during his monologue while looking over the state of Bregna's people.

What are your thoughts on this political state of Bregna and why the Monicans seem so set on bringing down the wall.

-- Euphoric Industry (, July 08, 2003


Well, Bregna is a system that is in touch with it's population, where as Monica has a system of selfdetermination. Which is better, to decide where you fall or to let fate coose the softest rocks?

-- Trevor Goodchild (, August 18, 2003.

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