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Hi, Anyone can tell me, where did photoguide camera shop shift to?


-- gg (, July 06, 2003


Its closed. I was told the owner is now selling camera equipment in Konota, also in Peninsular Plaza, but the range of equipment he sells is very limited now.

-- Colin Yeo (, July 09, 2003.

Yes, they closed back in late April '03. Nelson, the owner, now works off a smaller premise in the bigger newer Konota photo shop in Peninsular Plaza (same building as before).

His range has shrunk, but you can still talk to him and ask him to quote you - he can usually get the good next day (or on the same day if he knows you and you call before hand).

I don't work for him or whatever - just a customer who has been buying from Fotoguide since the 80s. It is sad to see more of such smaller outfits (which you can go in to try things and talk about stuff) close - guess time changes...

-- Obrag Aterg (, July 14, 2003.

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