What was treasure island before the golden gate fair?

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Was it a garbage dump? When did the island begin?

-- Ann Worth (languedoc@earthlink.net), July 05, 2003


The location of Treasure Island had no use before the island was constructed. Instead, it was simply an area of shallow bay water occasionally known as "Yerba Buena Shoal".

Try a Google search for 'Treasure Island history' and you'll get a bunch of hits.

Here's an excerpt from one site: "The construction of Treasure Island began in February 1936 and was completed in January 1939. To build the 403 acre island 29 million cubic yards of sand and gravel were transported to or dredged from the Bay and the Sacramento River delta. The name "Treasure Island" refers to the gold-laden fill dirt that washed down from the Sierras into the Bay, from which fill was dredged to create the island. Approximately 259 thousand tons of rock were used to create a rock wall to contain the Island."

-- John Martini (jamartini@slip.net), July 05, 2003.

1st it was a book, then it became a Movie!!!!


-- Name (Ann Worth (languedoc@earthlink.net)), September 04, 2003.

Treasure Island was originally built to house the 1939-40 World's Fair. It was then slated to become San Francisco's airport -- back when sea planes (or Clippers) where thought to be the future mode of flying. The huge hangers still visible on the south edge of the island were built for the fair and then were to be used as airplane hangers. The large, semi-circular building in front, was to be the terminal. The small cove between TI and Yerba Buena island was to be where the planes would pull in after landing on the relatively quiet water in the lee of the island -- hence its name "Clipper Cove."

But, as things turned out, WWII got in the way, the fair closed early, the island was turned over to the Navy and used as a base until recently decommissioned. Now those large hangers are used to film movie's, including many Robin Williams movies (he likes to shoot near home)like "Bicentennial Man" and "What Dreams May Come."

-- Dave (gavilan8@earthlink.net), October 14, 2003.

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