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Our AVID can only output video files in MP4 and MOV formats. Apparently, both are not supported by PowerPoint. Is there a workaround? Or is there a way to convert these formats into files I can insert into a PowerPoint presentation and not just hyperlink to? Is there a free or inexpensive converter I can download? Is there a PowerPoint plugin I don't know about that can enable it to play either? Am using PowerPoint 2002, Windows XP Pro.

Thank you.

-- Vincent Pozon (, July 05, 2003


Has your question already been answered? I have the same problem. I showed my powerpoint presentation with use of a beamer. I wanted to insert two film fragments, but did not succeed. At last I used Windows Media Player through a hyperlink in my presentation. But I find it non-professional if you have to switch every time. I did not find any help till now. There is another problem: when I play the filmfragments (.vob/DVD) on my laptop, there is no problem. Just when I use the beamer, the filmfragments don't play smoothly anymore. It seems the processor is not capable to play the files, but my laptop is brand new. Any idea what causes this problem? I've already looked at the resolution, but that's ok. Thanks.

-- Arend (, June 03, 2004.

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