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Hey guys,

When I put a VCD I made on my computer into my Malata 520, it states "PBC off" and therefore can't play it. The manual states it means Play Back Control, but doesn't tell a real way to fix (turn it back on)

But when I put the same VCD into a region 1 player that I got at a "Sears"-like store, it worked perfectly fine. It immediately recognized PBC (stated "PBC Track" or something on the LCD screen) and played my home made VCD. The menu I created for my VCD worked and everything.

I know the my Malata 520 DOES play VCD's, because I have other VCD's people made on their computers that I got and they work perfectly.

Can anyone help me figure out how to turn the PBC back on in my Malata 520? Any help here would be GREAT! Thanks.

-- Mike Moore (, July 05, 2003


This sounds like a problem with the software you used to make the VCD. It would have been nice had you told us that. PBC is off because of the way the VCD was made. Looks like your DVD player is very fussy about VCDs. To have the best chance for success, I suggest you use the VCDeasy program. I believe you can still get a free copy at in the downloads section. If you use this to make your VCD, it should play as VCDeasy will set PBC to On.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), July 07, 2003.

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