what is the biggest industry of san francisco?

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What is the biggest industry of san francisco city? is san francisco still the centrual city in the bay area? Is the bay area a integreted area?

-- hz (han001cn@yahoo.com.cn), July 03, 2003


Go here to the Association of Bay Area Governments website for economic figures and trends: http://www.abag.ca.gov/

-- Rosa (rosadebon@yahoo.com), July 03, 2003.


-- MauGo (maugo99@hotmail.com), August 01, 2003.


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-- Your Full Name (-- hz (han001cn@yahoo.com.cn)), September 11, 2003.

I'm not sure which is first, but I believe it is tourism #1, then financial services (banks). These are definitely one and two. San Francisco is still the heart of the Bay Area. San Jose has surpassed San Francisco in size. But despite many idiots who have nothing better to do than criticize, all you have to do is look at how the rest of the world views the Bay Area, and that people in the Bay Area still come to San Francisco for culture, art, food, and fun.

San Jose is beginning to grow into a major city, but is still a couple of decades away; Oakland is much nicer overall than its image (caused by media coverage of gangs, drugs, etc.) There will always be those who will not like San Francisco, but if you take a poll, San Francisco still has the magic.

-- Peter Moylan (pmoylan@pacbell.net), April 19, 2004.

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