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im new to the go kart thing and looking into getting my own and was wondering which would be the best road kart thats 10 or more hp for about a grand or not too much more and will go 45-60 mph with or without upgrades and if so what are they and keep them simple (the upgrades) because i dont know much about karts and engines. i dont check my e-mail too often so posting the sugestions on the message board would be better. dont waste your time telling me im a idiot and im gonna blow myself up or crash into a tree or some other dumb shit like that or give me sugestions to make it faster or more powerful or whatever by putting water sugar in the gas tank coz your just fucking stupid and probly cant spell anyway but whatever i just want a fast kart thats not too expensive so please no bull shit.

-- Dash (, July 01, 2003



-- kfgyukf (, July 01, 2003.

You're an idiot. Walk.

-- Medfjf Rtprtpgs[sf (, July 01, 2003.

You jsut have to wait to find one! Figure out how to repair and tune engines and stuff, then look around for a used one or build your own. I have wanted a gokart for a long time and jsut found a 120HP 5speed thats hella nice for 500 bucks. Ask around.


-- James (, July 04, 2003.

go play in traffic

-- blitzed (, July 16, 2003.

You are going to be waiting a LONG time to find what you are looking for... Trust me, I know long!!!

-- John Holmes (, July 21, 2003.

this isnt my meail adress or name so dont send that guy anything if it works. i do have a suggestion though. KICKBALL ON THE NJ PARKWAY.

-- mark vartoni (, October 11, 2003.

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