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To all you gokart builders that need help. Here are some places that that could help when you need answers like how do i mount my motor, what do i need for my gokart. etc... GO TO A LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL THAT HAS CLASSES LIKE METAL WORK AND MACHANICS. The teachers of those classes should be able to help you with your questions. They are qualified to give sugestions on your problems (after all they are teaching every thing you may need to know). In school i took metal shop in school and lots of us built safe gokarts. And my teacher even had the plans for them. Also if you need your frame or a motor rebuilt for your gokart, talk with them and maybe work out a deal, to build your frame or a sertan part you need, or rebuild that motor that you cant fix. They can also suggest some saftey items that you sould have so you dont hurt yourself when driving you new gokart. Please make sure you have a safe place to drive them befor you make one and not on the roads. I am a fellow gokart builder and want to see you all be safe and have fun. NOW IF THERE WERE MORE PLACES TO USE OUR GOKARTS WE ALL WOULD BE IN BUISNESS!!!!!

-- james (, July 01, 2003

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