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Hey guys, I have recently become a MJ fan and through a lot of hard work i managed to get his real phone number from a person that went to the Thriller Killer party with Michael. One problem.....the phone line is always engaged!! It's very annoying. Unfortunately i cant give it out because the person that gave it to me has trust in me not to give it out due to privacy reasons. All i can say is keep looking and keep the faith...if u really want it, u will get it. (p.s. i am also in the process of getting his email address. And no im not lying or a faker and cant do anything to prove that to you, u just have to have trust and faith!!)

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2003


I believe you, and you are doing the right thing.. as much as I WANT THAT PHONE NUMBER.. But Michael does deserve his privacy..

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2003

Girl, if you get that e-mail address, e-mail it to me 'kay!

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2003

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