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Hello, Does anyone have any information on "Foghorn" Murphy, who got his nickname by opening baseball games and rodeos using a loud instrument. Something of a quasi-underworld figure, he was quite a flamboyant and well known character in San Francisco during the 1920's. I'm also curious about his real name.

-- Linda Brand (, June 29, 2003


I met a "Foghorn" Murphy in L.A in Jan. 1950. He was running a diner that was along Riverside Drive. It was the old type dining car that was so common at that time. He said he got his name from selling newspapers on the streets of San Francisco in the fog. he was quite a character. I had his card in my billfold for years. As a matter of fact I was looking for it the other day but couldn't find it. Must have got your ESP. HA!!! Don't know if this is the same man you are wondering about. Don't know much more. He was interesting.

-- Robert C Duncan (, August 06, 2003.

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